Teen Challenge Center for Children and Youth

Bringing hope and love to children on the margins of society

Dear friends of our ministry,

Thank you very much for your confidence and for your donations, which have enabled us to finish the reconstruction of our building in Prague 3. We can move in! On October the 3rd there will be Open House for children and their families attending our center. (pictures on http://www.cdmpraha.cz/fotoalbum/kolaudace-noveho-cdm-na-zizkove-/

For the past few years The Center for Children and Youth has rented two rooms in Prague 3 and we have used these rooms for all of our programs. These two rooms soon became too small for our expanding ministry and in 2004 we won a selection process for a long-term lease of a large, old building owned by City Hall of Prague. The new building will provide us with more space and more suitable equipment which will enable us to increase the capacity and quality of our ministry. In 2005, after receiving permission from the City Hall, we began reconstruction on the building in order to relocate.

The New Facility will enable us to…

  • Increase our ministry capacity
  • Have a Computer classroom
  • Have a Kitchen for cooking classes
  • Have a workshop for classes with wood and other materials
  • And reduce our spending (the rent on the new facility is much less then our current rooms)

Because the building is very old it has needed a great deal of reconstruction in order to make our dream of using it as our center a reality. We have already done a lot of work on it, including replacing the roof, installing sewerage, electricity and all of the interior plaster work. We have raised and allocated $364, 570 (based on a 19:1 CZ Koruna to USD).

If you want to help us with last payments DONATE NOW.